WAGYU <和牛>

Sumiyakiya offers high-quality Wagyu beef from most of the prefectures, known for its excellent balance of lean meat and marbling, for diners who may find Japanese beef too rich or fatty, the lean meat jungle? An item from the secret menu featuring a selection of five fresh cuts of lean meat varying daily? Comes highly recommend. Meat is sourced via a trusted supplier, who inspects the beef from farm to market, painstakingly checking not only the quality of the food but also the transportation process and even temperature control. Their process proves that.

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KOBE <神戸牛>

The highest of Japanese beef from the finest cows specialy selected out of thousand of Tajima cattle. WE invite you to taste the miracle of truly fresh ingredients, For us there is no greater joy. Finest quality Halal Kobe Beef.

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We prepare tasty and safe meat such as domestic beef, chicken, sheep, hormone etc.