CURRY(SriLankanb & Indian)

◆CURRY(SriLankanb & Indian)

■From the coast
Fish Curry
¥ 1,500
Fish Masala
Fish Vadaloo
Shrimp Red Curry
Shrimp devil
Mix Seafood Curry
■Lamb Curries
Lamb Curry
Lamb Vandilo Curry
Lamb keema Curry
■Poultry Curries
Butter Chicken Curry
Chicken Vindaloo Curry
Chicken Tikka
Chicken & Vegetable
■Vegetarian Curries
Pumpkin & coconut milk
Spoinach with garlic
Mix Vege curry

Chief Rcomendation Course

A wide range of cuisine to suite every palate.
The extensive a la carte menu offers a seleetion of appetizers/ soups,salads,wide selection main dishes,selection of grills from seafood and meat items,SriLankan specialities,Asian dishes and an array of desserts.
Among the menu items are an array of options for Vegetarians.


・Mix Vegetable and fruit salad

・Vegetable Soup

・3type of appitizers

・Grilled Chicken with coriander paste

・Chicken Curry

・Lamb Chops

・Biriyani Rice


・SriLanka ginger tea