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We are a family company and all have worked in the restaurant for many years. We recently noticed a real gap in the market dedicating for Halal service. Everyone can eat Halal meat, but Muslims can eat anything but Halal meat. Wouldn’t it make sense for a business who deals with a diverse range of people to make their regular supplier halal-only? Or is using halal foods enough to ensure the Muslim customers to enjoy everything on offer? So we met butchers and suppliers to find out where they source their meat from and how they prepare them to meet the highest quality standards and observance of halal traditions. Our chefarranged enormous range of dishes and menus to suit needs of our Japanese guests as well. It is almost difficult to operate a restaurant without serving alcoholic beverages, so alcoholic beverages are served upon request.

Owner:Roger Bernard Diaz

Our halal Standerd

Our halal meat are processed according to the Islamic Law (Shariah Law and Halalan Toyibban). Our “Halal Menu” is halal-guaranteed.


  • All products are stored in different shelves in the freezer.
  • We store halal foods on the higher shelves to keep non-halal foods from dripping or felling to them.
  • In case we use the same shelf with non-halal items, we keep halal items in different color containers.
  • We use disposable barbecue metal meshes to avoid contacting with non-halal items/dishes.
  • Halal meat is cut with knife and cutting board only used for halal food.
  • All meat is securely vacuum-packed and unpacked right before preparation.

We use disposable barbecue metal meshes to avoid contacting with non-halal items/dishes.

Mr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, the former Prime Minister in Malaysia came our restaurant and enjoyed our Halal ?Yakiniku. We recommend special course in commemoration of Mr.Mahathir.



The Korean barbecue restaurant Sumiyakiya Nishiazabu is owned by Sri Lankan Roger Bernard Diaz, who decided to convert his business to halal to cater to Muslim clientele. In 2011, in addition to menus for non-Muslim guests, the restaurant started serving halal-yakiniku ? grilled meat that has been specially prepared and served according to Islamic law.

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「YAKINIKU-TEN」2014 March

「JAPAN TIMES 」2012 dec